Is Brown’s lack of vocabulary the reason he’ll lose?

Is Brown’s lack of vocabulary the reason he’ll lose?

Click on panel to watch

Why doesn’t he try to make what he says interesting?

On the thread last night James A posted a link to one of Brown’s hurriedly arranged interviews yesterday and raised the issue of the PM’s lack of variation in the words that he uses.

Just click on the panel and watch it for 90 seconds and you’ll hear him saying the same thing using the same few words time and time again. There’s no recognition of the need to keep viewers engaged by using other words and phrases to describe the same situation. Instead it just sounds repetitive and boring.

Interviews were set up by his team and someone, if not Brown himself, should have worked on the key words, phrases and ideas so he could get over effectively his message in a form that people want to listen to.

It’s fine dismissing your opponent as a “super salesman” but doesn’t Brown’s failure to get on top of the English language mean he has the opposite effect? If you can only say what you want to say in a very few words then just leave it at that. Don’t go on repeating yourself.

Leaving the partisan politics aside this is a serious failing and doesn’t bode well for Labour in a general election campaign.

  • General election spread betting: The Tory spread price has moved back two seats to where they were at the start of the week. The overnight Sporting Index prices were: CON 346-352: LAB 230-236: LD 43-46 seats. Could these move back after a successful Cameron speech this afternoon?
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