Was this the right choice to face Salmond?

Was this the right choice to face Salmond?

    How will Iain Gray perform as Leader of Labour at Holyrood?

The Scottish Labour Party has chosen Iain Gray MSP (East Lothian) to be its new leader, with Johann Lamont as his Deputy. Cathy Jamieson, whom HenryG thought might prove successful, came in second, with Andy Kerr coming third.

Gray takes over after the resignation of Wendy Alexander, and will face Alex Salmond across the Holyrood chamber. The question to which we must immediately turn our thoughts is whether Gray was the right choice to give Labour any chance of avoiding humiliation in the Glenrothes by-election. The SNP enjoyed a remarkable result in Glasgow East, and will be hoping to repeat that victory in the Westminster constituency that borders Gordon Brown’s own.

I must confess that, given the interview above, I’m not convinced that Iain Gray was the natural choice to face a media-friendly Salmond, who is at the peak of his political prowess. Only time will tell…


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