Overview of the Sunday Papers

Overview of the Sunday Papers


    The conflict in Georgia dominates the front pages

The Sunday Newspapers are focussing heavily on the conflict that has erupted between Russia and Georgia over South Ossetia. The US and UK are affirming Georgia’s territorial rights and calling for a cessation of hostilities. Around 1,000 Georgian troops have been withdrawn from Iraq, as Russia demands that Georgia withdraws to its undisputed territory. The region of Abkhazia has now joined the conflict, according to the Observer.

In other news, the Sunday Times is reporting that Gordon Brown is proposing a £150 fuel payment for all claimants of family allowance, at a cost of £1 billion.

We were the first to bring you the news of a new YouGov poll in the News of the World, which has the Conservatives leading Labour by 20-points on 46%.

In the Sunday Telegraph, Schools Minister Jim Knight has launched an attack on Foreign Secretary David Miliband for his half-hearted tilt at the leadership of the Labour Party.

The Independent on Sunday makes mention of Senator John Edwards’ admission of an affair with a campaign film-maker. He denies that he is the father of her child, and has said he will take a paternity test. I gave my initial thoughts on this scandal as an update to this thread.

The Sunday Express, perhaps unsuprisingly, gives the whole front page over to asking whether they have identified the abductor of Madelaine McCann.

From the blogosphere, Iain Dale notes that Gordon Brown is writing another book, this time on the theme of ‘Britishness’. ConservativeHome readers are being fairly critical of the brevity of Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague’s statement on South Ossetia. Markos Moulitsas over at Democrat-activist blog Daily Kos is praying that John McCain chooses Senator Joe Lieberman (Ind-CT) as his running-mate.


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