PB Election Countdown: Our new monthly tracker survey

PB Election Countdown: Our new monthly tracker survey

    After our Glasgow East success what about the General Election?

On the first Friday of every month I’m planning a new tracker survey of the PB community. What are our thoughts about the coming general election? What do we think the outcome is likely to be?

Last week, of course, a similar prediction survey for the Glasgow East by-election had it 50:50 between Labour and the SNP with the latter being just a few votes ahead. This compared with the 86% predicting a Labour win amongst the PoliticsHome PH100 panel of so called “experts and insiders”. We all know what actually happened!

It will be interesting to track how our general election predictions change as we get closer to the date.

So please take part by answering the quick question below. The results page has been made ad-free so we won”t have those irritating pop-up coming at us as we saw with earlier polls.

What will be the outcome of the next general election?
A Conservative landslide – a majority of 100 seats or more
A Conservative overall majority up to 99 seats
A hung parliament
A Labour overall majority

General election betting – live prices.

Radio 5Live: I am scheduled to take part in a discussion on whether Labour would be doing better with Tony Blair still in post on Radio 5Live at about 6.35pm. Like all these things it could get changed or dropped completely.

Mike Smithson

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