Is Ireland heading for a No vote?

Is Ireland heading for a No vote?


    No leads comfortably in most parts of Ireland

Early indications as the count proceeds in Ireland are that the Lisbon Treaty referendum has been lost. Tallies from the constituencies show that most of the country is voting No by a wide margin (60-40 in some Dublin seats for example).

No constituencies have yet declared, and the final result is expected by teatime. If this result is confirmed there will certainly be some thinking to be done at the EU, and will follow the French & Dutch “Noes” to the Constitution in 2005, and Ireland’s “No” to Nice I back in 2001.

No currently trades at 1.1 on Betfair with Yes available at 8.4.

RTE (live streaming available)

Irish Times

Nice I & Nice II results

Double Carpet


First result: Waterford No 54% (Nice I 52% No v Ireland 54% No)

Irish Justice Minister concedes that No has won.

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