The starting gun for Henley is fired

The starting gun for Henley is fired

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    Are the Conservatives value at almost any price?

Following the historic result in Crewe & Nantwich, the next UK betting event for political punters is now underway, with the official announcement that Boris Johnson has been appointed to the Manor of Northstead, the new London Mayor making his final appearance in the Commons today. At the time of writing, the date has not been confirmed but is widely expected to be 26th June.

So, what will the opening “tissue” of prices be on the markets and should the Conservatives be value at virtually any price? Fresh from the success at Crewe, riding high in the polls, and defending a majority of almost 13,000 this by-election should be unloseable for them, and it would be an upset of titanic proportions if the Lib Dems were to take the seat.

PMQs – coverage can be found here and there is analysis from the BBC here.

The William Hill list of prices for Cabinet members to lose their seats at the next election is now up, complete with spelling errors. The excitement last night on Ruth Kelly at 7/4 and Jacqui Smith at 5/2 has been tempered somewhat with the discovery that these are the prices for holding their seats. Do PBers think there is value in the list? How about John Hutton 6/4 to lose and John Denham at 10/1 to lose?

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