Conservatives on 14 point lead with Com Res

Conservatives on 14 point lead with Com Res

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Con 44 (+1), Lab 30 (+4), Lib Dem 16 (-3)

Andrew Grice has announced that ComRes have a poll in tomorrow’s Independent newspaper, giving the Conservatives 44% and Labour 30%. The Lib Dems have fallen three points back down to 16%.

Whilst Labour are up 4% from the last ComRes poll, the Conservatives have also gained, giving them their best score with ComRes since David Cameron became leader.

According to UK Polling Report, this is the first time that David Cameron’s Conservatives have reached 44% of the vote share with any pollster except YouGov.

Gordon Brown will be pleased with this modest recovery, especially in the face of the criticism he received this weekend for deciding to send Jacqui Smith to bring round the PLP to the idea of voting for the 42-days Detention bill.

So, is this the beginning of a recovery for the Government?

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