“Tories have 8% poll lead in C&N” – Iain Dale

“Tories have 8% poll lead in C&N” – Iain Dale

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Iain Dale is reporting on his site that a new poll on the by election has the Conservatives with an 8% lead. Iain does not know the pollster or who commissioned it.

The figures Iain reports are:- CON 45%: LAB 37%: LD 14%

The only other C&N poll was by ICM last weekend which had headline figures of CON 43% Lab 39%: LD 16%.

I had a whisper that there was possibly going to be another ICM poll in the Mail on Sunday but, as yet, I do not know if this one is it.

More follows when we have some firmer information.

Mike Smithson

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