Tory lead with YouGov now 20%

Tory lead with YouGov now 20%


    More gloom for Gordon

On an evening when several polls are expected the first one with hard information is just coming in.

For the Sunday Times tomorrow YouGov reports the following shares with comparisons from the Sun YouGov survey taken last week. CON 45%(-4): LAB 25% (+2): LD 18% (+1)

Even though this represents a substantial swingback to the government David Cameron, I’m sure, will be happy with a 20% margin.

Other numbers from YouGov have Brown’s personal ratings at 17% (good job) to 78% (bad job)

There is still no confirmation of the 8% Tory lead at Crewe and Nantwich which I reported in the previous thread.

UPDATE – Tory 8% lead in Crewe and Nantwich confirmed The News of the World is carrying an ICM survey of voters in next Thursday’s by-election showing that the Tory lead there has doubled in a week. These are the shares compared with the last survey from the pollster a week ago – CON 45% (+2): LAB 37% (-2): LD 14% (-2)

We have not got the detailed data yet but last week this was even more worrying for Gordon than the headline figures.

The latest by election betting.

Mike Smithson

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