Who’s going to lose votes to Gemma in C&N?

Who’s going to lose votes to Gemma in C&N?

    Could Miss Great Britain affect the by election outcome?

gemma-garrett-rh.JPGOne of the “other” candidates who might have an impact on Crewe and Nantwich is Gemma Garrett – Miss Great Britain. On the face of it the move seems like a PR stunt designed to boost her profile but, to her credit, she has started to campaign and has already got into a spat with Labour.

Gemma says she is about “bringing beauty into politics and turning back the tide of sleaze”. She’s furious about stories she says Labour is putting about that she made a spelling mistake when she signed the book of condolences for Gwyneth Dunwoody.

According to the Crewe Guardian she said: “This is precisely the low, petty and underhanded sort of action which contributes to the overall impression that politics is a sleazy and grubby business. It is ironic that Labour, which is supposed to cherish the rights of women, created this cheap, wrong and stereotypical image of me intended to suggest that any girl who happened to be blonde and to look good cannot spell.”

Gemma’s getting a lot of publicity and could easily get a reasonable vote which in a tight contest might affect the outcome – the question is who is she going to hurt most? Given the apparent lower motivation to vote amongst Labour supporters then there is a danger that on the margin more of them could be tempted to switch than Tory supporters.

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Mike Smithson

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