ABC News says “dream ticket” under discussion

ABC News says “dream ticket” under discussion


The main political story on ABC News this afternoon is that “..intermediaries” have resumed discussing the possibility of an Obama-Clinton “dream team” ticket…”.

A former top Bill Clinton aide and now ABC News’ chief Washington correspondent, George Stephanopolous, said: “I think it’s very much a possibility and there are others around Sen. Clinton, other top Democrats who think the strongest ticket would be a joint ticket..There are intermediaries discussing this very scenario”

He went on:”..Right now Sen. Obama is probably reluctant to do this, given the feelings coming out of this campaign right now…”I do think that if it were accepted, Sen. Clinton would be under some pressure and would like to accept, I think”

Meanwhile a group of activists party insiders have set up a web-site to promote the the idea and this is getting a lot of coverage.

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Mike Smithson

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