YouGov: SNP touch 40% in Scotland

YouGov: SNP touch 40% in Scotland


    ..and two-thirds want an early referendum on independence?

A YouGov poll carried out during the week north of the border has found a big boost for the SNP and suggests a possible problem for Labour in retaining seats in the country at the next general election.

Like most Scottish polls it is in three parts:-

Westminster General Election with changes on May 2005. SNP 31% (+13): Lab 35% (-5): Con: 17% (+1): Lib: 12% (-11): Oth: 4%

Scottish Parliament constituency vote
with changes on the election last May – SNP 40% (+7): Lab: 32% (nc): Con: 12% (-5): LD: 13% (-3): Oth 4%

Scottish Parliament list vote with changes on last May. SNP 33% (+2): Lab 30% (+1): Con 13% (-1): Lib 12% (+1): Oth: 13%

The poll also found that 65% of those questioned wanted a referendum on Scottish independence during the life-time of this parliament.

Perhaps the most worrying numbers for Labour are on Westminster voting intention where swings of the scale suggested could lead to seat losses at a time when the party is likely to be under extreme pressure south of the border.

Added to the boundary changes reducing Labour’s notional majority, dealing with the Tory surge in England any losses to the SNP north of the border just add to the pressure on Brown in retaining an overall majority.

Mike Smithson

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