Boris takes a 12% lead with YouGov (updated)

Boris takes a 12% lead with YouGov (updated)

    Do the findings mean that it’s now curtains for Ken?

The odds on Boris Johnson becoming the next Mayor of London have tightened sharply following the publication of a new YouGov putting the Henley MP 12% ahead.

The shares are with changes on the last survey a month ago JOHNSON 49% (+5): LIVINGSTONE 37% (-2) : PADDICK 12% (nc). On second preferences YouGov has picked up the same trend that MORI found last month with Boris getting 20% of them and Ken 17%.

The poll was carried out amongst sample of 1,005 Londoners from Wednesday to Friday last week.

Given these numbers it is becoming hard to see how Ken can hold onto the position that he won as an independent in 2000 and was re-elected under the Labour flag in 2004.

Latest prices at 1255 – Johnson 0.55/1. Even at these prices Johnson looks like a great bet.

This article will be updated when more information is available.

Mike Smithson

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