Could Bill be trying to sabotage Hillary’s bid?

Could Bill be trying to sabotage Hillary’s bid?

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One of the most intriguing pieces that I’ve read in recent days has been this article from the Agitator blog suggesting that Bill Clinton is trying to stop Hillary becoming president.

The post opens with a conversation the writer had with an activist about Bill Clinton’s comments about Jesse Jackson in the aftermath of the South Carolina primary. This act, more than just about anything else, has alienated the African American community. So why did Clinton do it?

The piece goes on“….So here’s a crazy theory that occurred to me the other day, and that gets more plausible the more I think about it: Clinton’s comments were calculated, but they may have been more sinister than even the activist I met knows. Clinton–perhaps subconsciously–was sabotaging his wife’s campaign..Crazy? Maybe. But bear with me, here. Clinton had to have known that marginalizing Obama wouldn’t work. He knows Obama is a talented politician, that he isn’t a demagogue like Jackson, and that he has already demonstrated that he can attract white voters in large swaths–Obama certainly didn’t win Iowa by dominating the black vote, did he? So why would Clinton do it? Well, maybe he doesn’t want his wife to be president….”

The full article is well worth reading – make of it what you will.

In the betting Obama has now tightened further to 0.44/1.

Mike Smithson

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