Super Tuesday – it looks like a cliff-hanger

Super Tuesday – it looks like a cliff-hanger

suoer tuesday polls.JPG

    Obama almost catching up in the national polls

The above polls, reproduced from Taegan Goddard’s Politicalwire show the latest polling figures from many of the states which will be having their primaries on the day. As can be seen the Clinton-Obama shares in many places are converging.

It’s the same picture nationally where the latest Gallup tracking poll shows Clinton locked in a statistical tie with Obama, 46% to 44%. Given that yesterday’s Gallup tracker had Clinton 7% ahead then it’s probable that the latest data had the two next and neck or even with a slight to Obama.

The margin is very similar to the Washington Post/ABC News national poll with Clinton ahead of Obama by a not much more than whisker – 47% to 43%.

In the Democratic race betting Obama has tightened to 1.52/1 with Clinton now out to 0.63/1.

Mike Smithson

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