So what did you think would happen in 2008?

So what did you think would happen in 2008?

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    A look at the Forecaster of the Year numbers

The above table shows the leading predictions for the “what will happen in 2008?” section – there were 106 entries altogether.

Other key findings:

  • Jacqui Smith is only predicted to remain as Home Secretary for an average 253 days, while Darling’s average predicted tenure at No 11 is 287 days.
  • The average high/low poll figures for the parties are Labour 37/28, the Conservatives 44/35, and the Lib Dems 22/14, while the averages for the Tories’ largest and smallest poll leads are 14 and 0.
  • Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, and having the spreadsheet format has speeded up “number-crunching” the predictions by several days – good luck to all the competititors.

    The full summary predictions, plus all the entries, are here – please email me at if you think any of your predictions appear wrongly on the entries sheet.

    Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

    Guest Editor

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