Peter the Punter: “What about another PBC party?”

Peter the Punter: “What about another PBC party?”


    Can you post your views below?

Mike has asked me to sound out whether we are ready yet for another Party to celebrate the continued success of the Politcalbetting Site. We don’t need much of an excuse, but Mike giving up the day job and concentrating full time on running the world’s greatest web site seems plenty to me.

Last year’s Party/Book Launch was a great success, partly due to the excellent location – The National Liberal Club. Presumably nobody disgraced themselves as I am told we can use the venue again, if we so wish. I would strongly recommend we do go there again. It is a superb environment in which to eat, drink, and talk politics, and we were very well served there last year. I am nevertheless slightly conscious that in proposing this I may be displaying a London bias, so if somebody could suggest a plausible alternative outside the capital, it would certainly be considered.

Assuming for the moment that the NLC in London does receive enough support, what date do we go for? Mike and I thought a mid-week evening in January, although possibly a Friday might be better for people coming from out of town. Last year some came from very considerable distances to attend, and I think the views of such people ought to be giving extra weight in deciding this year’s arrangements.

Last year’s function was heavily subsidized. We don’t have the same advantage this year but I have the impression that cost is not a serious issue. I have not even begun to look at costings but I should think something in the region of £25 per head should be about right to cover wine, sandwiches and nibbles.

For the moment, all I need is a general indication of the level of support. Please post your views below and I’ll come back to you with some more specific proposals later in the month. All I need at the moment is an indication of interest, but I will need a definite promise of payment before I commit to the booking of rooms etc in due course.

I look forward to hearing your views.

Warm regards

Peter Smith (Peter the Punter)

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