Lib Dem ICM figure confirmed at 21%

Lib Dem ICM figure confirmed at 21%

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    What’s going to happen in the end month poll rush?

It’s been frustrating weekend for Lib Dem poll watchers keen to see if their recovery is continuing. First we had the confusion in the Guardian on Saturday over the size of their share. Then we had yesterday’s BPIX poll in the MoS which failed to mention the Lib Dem total.

I haven’t been able to solve the latter but the boss of ICM, Nick Sparrow, has emailed me about his poll. This was his answer:“Mistake at the Guardian. Between the first and third editions an unseen hand (as yet unidentified) changed 21% for the LibDems (correct) into 23%. 21% (up 3%) is correct”.

Meanwhile we should be seeing the latest from COMRES in the Indy in the next day or so and we still have not had the Ipsos-Mori monitor for November. There’s also likely to be YouGov in the Telegraph at the weekend.

The next Times poll by Populus should be out early next week if the normal schedule is being followed.

Mike Smithson

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