..and it’s five Daves from MORI

..and it’s five Daves from MORI

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    Whoops – the poll I nearly missed!

I am just on my way home from the Arsenal – Manchester United clash at the Emirates Stadium and I’ve just discovered that there was a major poll in the Sun this morning that I missed.

The headline figures with comparison on last weeks Ipsos-MORI poll in the Observer areCON 40% (nc): LAB 35% (-6): LD 13% (nc).

This is a real surprise and is not what I would have expected. As Anthony Wells points out this was a telephone survey while last week’s was using the firm’s normal face to face quota sample.

As MORI founder, Bob Worcester, always advises – look at the shares and not the gap. The Cameron team will be delighted that yet another poll has them in the 40s.

Mike Smithson

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