A special note from Peter the Punter

A special note from Peter the Punter

    Tote ‘Ten To Follow’ Competition – A Politicalbetting.com Entry?

The Tote’s popular Ten to Follow competition for the jumps season kicks off shortly. As well as being a decent value bet, it provides lots of fun throughout the season and attracts much support from serious and occasional punters alike. The general idea is that you pick out ten horses from the Tote’s list and they score points as and when they succeed in their races during the season. Entry is £10 per line. There are monthly prizes and a top prize of £700,000 minimum. Team entries are common; in fact, in view of the fierce competition, individual entries are unlikely to be successful. You really need to put in a lot of lines to have much chance.

Mike has agreed that I can use the Site to organize such a team-entry, under the name Politicalbetting.com. Anybody out there interested?

I will do all the admin and organize the financial side. Any prize money would be split pro-rata according the stake. Minimum stake is £1; no maximum. I will draw up a short agreement for people to accept so there is no arguing in the event we do get lucky. If possible, I would like a couple of other PBers (StJohn? Yokel? Anybody?) as Committee Members to help with running the thing and ensuring fair play, so let me know if you don’t mind giving up some time to this.

If you are interested in subscribing, or helping out, please drop me a line at arklebar@talktalk.net . Please state how much you want to be in for and give your real and ‘stage name’ and the email address to which you want communications sent. Please note that this email address will be visible to other members of the syndicate. (Sorry, but the admin becomes impossibly time-consuming otherwise.)

Do let me have your suggestions for horses to include in the group entry. If there’s enough support, we should be able to cast our net pretty wide and include some ‘coupon busters’ which other syndicates are likely to overlook.

Entries have to be in by midnight on Wednesday 12th November, but the earlier you can let me know of your interest, the better. I’m away for a few days now – urgent business at Chepstow and Aintree – but I will reply next week to any emails that come in over the weekend and I’ll report the level of interest on Site and answer any general queries there.

Full details of the competition can be found at www.totetentofollow.co.uk .

Peter Smith
(Peter the Punter)
October 26th 2007

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