So maybe next time for Julia Goldsworthy?

So maybe next time for Julia Goldsworthy?


Ming’s preferred choice said to be not running

  • Kennedy “unlikely to run”
  • Cable won’t stand – “an older candidate is not electable”
  • BBC says Kramer and Davey have ruled themselves out
  • Webb says he has sufficient signatures
  • Hemming reportedly has 5 out of the 7 nominations needed
  • The race to succeed Ming is now taking shape, and unless John Hemming can secure the required seven signatures from fellow MPs, it’s starting to look less likely that anyone will enter the contest besides Nick Clegg, Chris Huhne, and Steve Webb.

    Cable, Kramer, and Davey are out, and Kennedy looks a non-runner too, while not ruling it out completely. Julia Goldsworthy, about whom there has been plenty of speculation, is also reportedly not going to stand – could she be the next leader but one? However, she does not have the luxury of a safe seat.

    Brown appeared more sure-footed at PMQs today although there was still plenty of stuttering. Pundits appear to be scoring it as a draw or a narrow Cameron victory – Labour benches shouting “More!” to Cameron this week. Certainly much better for Gordon than last week’s debacle, while Cable drew laughter with his question on tax breaks for marriage. Nick Assinder considers PMQs here.

    Finally, in the race for the White House, Gore looks to be finally out of the race, and the formal process to select the presidential candidates will start earlier than ever before, with the Iowa Republican caucus set to be on Thursday 3rd January, and the state Democrats being urged to have the same date. This could be just 5 days before a possible date for the New Hampshire primary of 8th January (NH has yet to confirm a date and could still in theory hold the ballot in December).

    Latest Lib Dem prices are here.

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