Could it be like this until 2010?

Could it be like this until 2010?


    How can Brown deal with this sort of attack?

I’ve been traveling and have yet to watch today’s PMQ confrontation between Dave and Gord. That treat is still to come and I can’t make a judgement.

The critical thing though is how this will play on the bulletins and in the press and from what’s already been published Cameron appears to be coming out on top. He had the sound-bites so beloved by those who have to process news into bite-size morsels for us to read and watch.

This type of attack only works if it resonates with public opinion because it does, on the face of it, appear to be over the top.

No doubt both sets of advisers will be replaying the video to work out plans for next week. My guess is that we will see a quieter more sombre approach from both men.

Whatever your allegiance politics has suddenly become interesting and it’s hard to predict who will come out on top.

Mike Smithson

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