Well Bob – do you think that Gordon should risk it?

Well Bob – do you think that Gordon should risk it?

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    Welcome to our guest – Sir Robert Worcester

The big news this morning is the latest poll from Mori – the firm that was set up by Bob Worcester – is showing a Labour lead of 7%. Ipsos-Mori as it is now known has been polling in the UK for longer than anybody else and has by far and away the best web-site.

Bob himself is a frequent commentator and has detailed knowledge of UK politics and opinion trends going back almost longer than anybody.

This is the first time that we have had a a question and answer session like this on the site and I am delighted that Bob has agreed to join us.

He’ll be joining at about 10.30am and hopefully will stay with us for an hour and a half or so.

Please put questions in the comments thread below and let’s keep the standard of discussion up to normal PBC high standards.

My first one is the title of this – should Gordon risk it?

Mike Smithson

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