…. and in the papers this Sunday

…. and in the papers this Sunday


Politics stories at a newsagent near you

The McCanns feature as the lead story on virtually all the newspapers.

The Sunday Times reports that leading bankers are warning of the worst money markets crisis for 20 years coming to a head this week, and that the Conservatives are planning to offer tax cuts for people who make homes more energy-efficient.

In the Observer, Andrew Rawnsley accuses Gordon of hugging his opponents to death while the editorial fulminates that the current phoney war “is no substitute for government”.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Telegraph reports that migrants will be forced to learn English. This policy is set to be unveiled at the TUC, and the current relationship between the TUC and Labour is considered here by the BBC as the unions prepare to meet in Brighton, while the Mail on Sunday reports Industry Minister John Hutton warning that the union link is not “set in concrete”

Finally, the Independent also looks at the Tories’ forthcoming Quality of Life document, but highlights that it will warn that rampant material consumption is making people unhappy. How will this approach go down with the right of the party?

Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

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