Friday news round-up

Friday news round-up


    Today’s stories at home and abroad

A selection of stories today that may be of interest:

A cross-party group of MPs has said “they are confident” that a new campaign will pressure Gordon into holding a referendum on the EU Treaty – are they right?

The TUC leader Brendan Barber has warned that Brown’s pay deal for public sector workers could cost him a “political price”;

… and Johan Eliasch, who stepped down as the Conservatives’ deputy treasurer, is set to become an adviser to the Prime Minister on green issues.

Meanwhile, things are hotting up in Australia ahead of the forthcoming election, with John Howard sidestepping speculation about his leadership, while commentator Janet Albrechtsen calls for him to go. Will the Liberals go into the election with Costello as leader?

Finally, news that one of Fred Thompson’s leading aides quit his campaign just hours before the former senator formally entered the race, with a political science professor describing the campaign as “dysfunctional”.

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