Just “one Gordon” from Populus

Just “one Gordon” from Populus

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    Will it be time for the “Daves” soon?

More confirmation that the Brown Bounce is over with a Populus poll in the Times today which gives Labour just a 1-point lead.

Headline figures are Labour 37, Conservatives 36, Lib Dems 18.

For anyone who’s still tempted with a 2007 election, it’s currently available at 5.5 on Betfair (9/2 in “old money”).

Meanwhile, former Conservative deputy leader Michael Ancram has warned against the party making “vacuous reforms” – are there any Tory posters on pb.com who think that such interventions help the party’s cause?

    Competition Winner

The poll yesterday showing the parties tied means that we have a winner in the “When will Labour lose its poll lead?” competition.

Vino, who was just one day out in his predicted date, wins a signed copy of Mike’s book “The Political Punter”, which is a must-read for anyone who wants to take betting on politics seriously.

Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

Guest Editor

Mike Smithson returns on 17th September

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