How much damage has Miraj done?

How much damage has Miraj done?


    Was Cameron right to reveal the peerage request?

The ongoing saga that is the Tory party took another turn today with the revelation from David Cameron that Ali Miraj, the former parliamentary candidate who had attacked his leader, had only yesterday asked to be made a peer.

My first reaction on hearing this on Radio 4’s Today programme was to think that Cameron had made a big error. But now I’m not so sure. I thought that Miraj came off worse to Cameron in the bulletin clips and looked like someone who was taking revenge because his ambition had been thwarted.

Alas it will be some time before we find out what the public reaction is. After today’s two surveys we are about to enter a polling famine with perhaps only two to three surveys appearing during the month and then in a few weeks time.

Whatever it has at least kept politics in the headlines as we enter the silly season and when you produce a blog like this that is to be welcomed!

If you want to bet on Cameron’s survival this appears to be the best market.

Mike Smithson

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