URGENT: Take Ladbroke’s 8/1 on a 2007 election

URGENT: Take Ladbroke’s 8/1 on a 2007 election

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    Now YouGov reports a 9% lead

The Telegraphs YouGov survey for July, our this morning, has more good news for Labour and could reinforce the growing calls for Gordon to go to the country early. These are the figures with comparisons on the last poll from the pollster five days ago – CON 32% (-1): LAB 41% (+1): LD 16% (+1)

This is the biggest lead by any pollster for Labour since November 2005 before David Cameron became Tory leader.The last time that YouGov had a margin on this scale was in August 2005.

As well as giving Gordon more confidence if he did decide to risk it the poll could add further to the pressure on David Cameron within the Tory party.

In the betting there are now almost no punters ready to bet against an early election on the Cantor Spreadfair spread market. The latest spread of the number of weeks until the election starting on Gordon’s succession on June 27th is 77 – 83.5

Ladbrokes, meanwhile, is still offering 8/1 on Gordon going to the country this year. That seems like a great bargain that won’t last long and they will only accept a maximum of £25 online.

Mike Smithson

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