Hills open a “next Tory leader” market

Hills open a “next Tory leader” market

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    Can Dave withstand the pressure?

With the polls continuing to go against him William Hill has opened a market on the next Tory leader.

At the weekend I suggested that Cameron should pre-empt such a move by putting his job on the line in a “back me or sack me” move.

These are the prices

W Hague 9/4
D Davis 5/1
G Osborne 10/1
A Lansley 10/1
L Fox 12/1
A Duncan 12/1
N Herbert 14/1
T Villiers 16/1
P Ainsworth 20/1
E Vaizey 20/1
C Spelman 20/1
A Mitchell 20/1
T May 25/1
P Hammond 25/1
M Rifkind 25/1
K Clarke 25/1
J Kirkbride 25/1
J Hunt 25/1
O Letwin 33/1
D Willetts 33/1
M Gove 33/1
F Maude 40/1
C Grayling 50/1
B Johnson 50/1

Mike Smithson

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