Labour’s YouGov lead jumps to 7%

Labour’s YouGov lead jumps to 7%

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    The pressure builds up on Cameron

Another big boost to Brown’s Labour comes with a YouGov poll for tomorrow’s Sunday Times showing the party now has a 7% margin. These are the shares compared with the last YouGov poll three weeks ago – CON 33% (-2): LAB 40% (+2): LD 15% (nc).

Also in tomorrow’s papers is a report in the Sunday Telegraph that “At least two Conservative MPs – and possibly as many as six – have called for a vote of no confidence in David Cameron’s leadership of the party”.

Under the party rules a total of 29 MPs have to request a vote which is then put immediately to MPs. The last time this happened was in October 2003 when Iain Duncan Smith was ousted.

UPDATE: Mori gives Labour a 6% lead

Another poll out tomorrow, from Ipsos-Mori for the Observer, has CON 35% (-1): LAB 41%(+2): LD 15% (nc). So fairly similar figures from a range of pollsters.

Mike Smithson

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