By special request – 7 Gordons!

By special request – 7 Gordons!

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    The polls are good – so why no betting move for an early election?

In a message that got held up in the spam filter Red Flag asked why we did not publish a picture this morning of seven smiling Gordons to illustrate graphically the lead that today’s ICM poll reported for Labour.

Fair enough – but the big news picture was that of Tony Lit and Tony Blair. Also I only got back home from holiday this afternoon and I do not have the facility to do picture editing like this on my mobile phone.

But the multi-Gordon and, no doubt, multi-Dave, approach is one that several people have liked and will continue. So for Red Flag – here is your picture.

The poll, which has got over-shadowed by the by election developments, is certainly stunning news for Labour and makes it that bit more likely that Brown could be tempted to go for his own mandate. In spite of this the spread market on how long Gordon will go on before the election has increased to 89-94 weeks – the starting week being his succession on June 27th 2007.

To me this does not make sense. The bigger the Brown bounce the greater the chance of him going to the country early.

Mike Smithson

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