The bombs: Was Gord upstaged by Alex?

The bombs: Was Gord upstaged by Alex?

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    Whose statement came over better?

The strangest part of the latest terror crisis is that there’s no Tony Blair. We’ve got so used to the ex-PM’s approach that to watch a crisis evolve without Blair’s trembling voice is something that we are simply not used to.

Just contrast the short piece to camera that Gordon did after his Downing Street meetings with Blair’s performances on similar occasions. As well as the presentational differences between the two men there was no need for Gordon to justify himself over Iraq. His objective was simply to reassure. My only criticism was his over-use of the “British people” phrase which he mentioned three times. It sounded a touch awkward and contrived and appeared as though he was trying to peddle a point.

Then we had Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, who only hours earlier had been with the Queen at the opening of the Scottish Parliament. He’s an altogether different form of communicator and came over reassuringly giving little snippets about what Scottish people could expect.

    Scotland’s First Minister caught the mood better and interestingly this morning it is Salmond’s statement and not Brown’s that’s the main lead on the BBC Politics page (see above).

The person I would have like to have seen is Jacqui Smith – the new Home Secretary – and who was, arguably, Brown’s most imaginative cabinet appointment.

Whatever this has kept Cameron off our screens for a bit longer and that can only help Gord’s poll ratings.

Mike Smithson

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