Will Gordon win his referendum gamble?

Will Gordon win his referendum gamble?

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    But is Cameron in danger if he “goes on about Europe?

The above is from a survey that was funded by the former UKIP-backer and Yorkshire multi-millionaire, Sir Paul Sykes, on public views on whether there should be a referendum on a new EU treaty that gives more power to Brussels.

Given the overwhelming view on this and other questions in poll there clearly could have been better ways to start the Brown premiership. But there’s nothing the incoming PM could do. This was the time-table and he has had to decide whether to go with the apparent public mood or brazen it out.

Certainly Labour have had a good post EU summit Saturday but how long will that be sustained? And what happens if the Murdoch media decides to push for a public vote?

    The huge albatross round Brown’s neck is the announcement by Tony Blair in April 2004 that there would be a referendum on the then planned new EU constitution. That helped Labour to spike Michael Howard’s guns ahead of the EU elections that year but there was always going to be a price to be paid.

The situation is not as easy for Cameron as it might appear. For one of the things he has managed to rid the Tory party of is the impression that all they are interested in is arguments over Europe. For him to pursue fervently a pro-referendum stance could lead to claims that the Tories have not changed.

Probably the big question is what the media reaction be? Could Brown’s media honeymoon extend to the Sun and Mail be less aggressive in their demands for a vote?

Mike Smithson

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