The PBC Labour Deputy Leader Competition

The PBC Labour Deputy Leader Competition

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Part 1
For each of the six candidates, predict their overall percentage share of the first preference votes to one decimal place (ie for all three sections of the electoral college combined – do not make a prediction for the three individual components).
To assist in running the competition, please make your predictions in the following order:
• Hilary Benn
• Hazel Blears
• John Cruddas
• Peter Hain
• Harriet Harman
• Alan Johnson

Part 2
Select one candidate that you think will be the new Deputy Leader and predict their final vote share to one decimal place (ie their overall score for the whole electoral college).

In part 1, your score for each candidate is the difference between your prediction and the actual result. In part 2, your score is the difference between your predicted vote share for the winner and the actual vote share for the winner. However, if you have not correctly predicted the winning candidate, a 15-point penalty will be added to your score, and if your predicted winner finishes outside the top two, this is increased to a 20-point penalty.

The player with the lowest overall score for Parts 1 & 2 combined will win the competition. In the event of any dispute, the competition organiser’s decision is final.

Entries close at 5pm Thursday.

Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

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