Thread 1: Could overturning this change the Scotland’s future?

Thread 1: Could overturning this change the Scotland’s future?

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    A two thread morning on PBC

With the ramifications of Thursday elections continuing it is this result from Cunninghame North which might be the one that Labour seeks to use get back to its position previously unassailable position as the top party in Scotland.

With such a very tight margin there are reports this morning that the ousted Labour MSP might mount a challenge in an effort to get the result over-turned. The case goes beyond the standard complaint following Thursday about the complexities of the electoral system

A particular aspect that surprised people was the split in the SNP vote there with the former SNP MSP Campbell Martin standing as an Independent. A lot of SNP activists in the area worked worked for Martin instead of Kenny Gibson yet in spite of what appears to be a massive division the SNP came home.

A problem for Labour is that if the the courts do order a re-run then the SNP, surely, will get its act together and party supporters will back the official candidate. After all so much would be at stake.

  • The great thing for punters who bet on the SNP is that the bookies have paid out. Not so good, however, if you put your money on Labour.

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