Some pictures from the PBC party

Some pictures from the PBC party


  • The light shines on Guido. From left to right here we have David Kendrick, Jonathan, Paul Maggs (Double Carpet) and Guido – a very rare picture!
  • julian h and ian jones.JPG

  • Julian h and Ian Jones with the suited Marcus Wood in the background
  • smithsons.JPG

  • My daughters Becky and Cayt, me speaking, Peter from Putney and TomThumb
  • Augustus Carp show.JPG

  • Augustus Carp showing people round the National Liberal Club. David Herson (yellow tie) is at the back.
  • Could those in the picture who I have not identified please make a comment below.

    Have you paid yet? Peter the Punter who helped organise the PBC end of the event tells me that about a dozen people have yet to pay. Can you let him have your money ASAP.

    Mike Smithson

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