“The Political Punter” – now launched

“The Political Punter” – now launched

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    The book that came out of the blog

What the publishers, Harriman House, are describing as the “first book on political betting” was published yesterday and a number of site users have already received their copies. Those who were at the party were able to buy it at a special rate and by clicking the picture above a good deal is available.

If this is a success then it’s possible that there could be an annual publication with updates and analysis on all the current political markets.

It’s the first book I have written and it has required an approach that is very different from doing the regular articles for the site. It has been good to look back and see what lessons can be learned from many of the the big political betting events.

Many thanks to everybody for their supportive comments.

Competition winners. Could those of you who have won PBC competitions please send me their names and addresses so I can post you your copies?

Mike Smithson

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