PBC Combined Book Launch and Party

PBC Combined Book Launch and Party


    Tuesday 17th April – National Liberal Club – 3pm – 7pm

Harriman House, publishers of Mike’s book, are offering a bottle of champagne to whoever gets closest to guessing the amount of the advance to Tony Blair for his political memoirs. Entry is free. Just email me at arklebar@talktalk.net. If you want a copy of the book to collect at the Launch, you can get it for the knock down price of £10 by contacting Tom Orchard through this link.

When you arrive at the Club, just give your (real) name at reception. I will try to organize name badges, which will give your ‘stage’ name, where applicable. The function is being held in The Lady Violet Room. There is a dress code of jacket, collar and tie (no tutus) at the NLC.

It is relaxed for visitors but those not suitably clad will be restricted to the party room and will therefore be unable to join the Tour Party which has been promised or wander around what is a magnificent building.

There will be nibbles and some wine but there will be journalists there so we cannot reasonably expect the alcohol to last beyond 3.15pm!!!

Above is the final list of attendees. If you think your name should be on it but it is not, please contact me immediately.

If you have any problems and in particular if you can’t find whichever pub we repair to after the event, do give me a ring on 07880 553351.

See you there.

Peter Smith (Peter the Punter)

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