Peter the Punter’s BrandIndex Pointers

Peter the Punter’s BrandIndex Pointers


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The call of the Cheltenham Festival came too soon and loud for me to produce a piece last week but I trust that you are now all fully aware that, following on from the minor hiccup the previous week, we took extreme retribution on IG and more than doubled our profits to date with a remarkable 11.3 profit (£113 to a £10 stake).

Week ended 8th March 2007
Tony Blair – Buy 1 point at 55.0 Score 61.1 Profit 6.1
Gordon Brown – Buy 1 point at 62.7 Score 63.6 Profit 0.9
Ming Campbell – Sell 1 point at 79.2 Score 74.9 Profit 4.3
Profit for week 11.3
Profits from earlier weeks 9.2
Total profit to date 20.5

We see no reason to depart from the bold strategy which produced our best performance to date. Indeed, we plan to step up the pressure by increasing this week’s stakes to five points. We recommend:

  • a two point buy of Tony Blair at the bargain price of 62.0. His popularity was already on an upward trend before red nose day and we think it will continue.
  • a one point buy of Gordon Brown at 67.3. Anthony clearly shares our view that budget-related publicity is likely to produce a bit of a bounce. We think he has underestimated it.
  • a one point buy of William Hague at 96.2. The guy seldom makes a mistake and some good publicity for his Zimbabwe speech should take him back up to his record high of 99.9.
  • a one point sell of David Cameron at 90.8. He’s been slipping back lately and with the focus necessarily on Brown and Blair this week, his rating is unlikely to pick up just yet.
  • Peter the Punter (Peter Smith)

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