Are Straw’s opponents trying too hard?

Are Straw’s opponents trying too hard?

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    Can he be blamed for something his great grand-father did?

After the big coverage of the Quentin Letts call for Jack Straw to enter the Labour leadership race the First Post’s “The Mole” – described as a “Downing Street insider – is out rubbishing the suggestion this afternoon.

Under the heading “Six reasons why it won’t be Straw” our so-called “insider” tells us at number five about the alleged misdeeds of the former Foreign Secretary’s great-grandfather. So what?

    You get the feeling from reading the piece that the unnamed correspondent is desperate to rubbish any idea that Straw might stand. Perhaps in that Shakespeare phrase the Insider “doth protest too much”.

I agree with much of the previous thread but this latest column smacks of desperation.

In the betting Straw has now moved into the fourth favourite slot and the best price is 54/1.

Mike Smithson

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