Getting ready for another PBC party

Getting ready for another PBC party

    Should we do the same as last year?

Mike’s too busy working out how much money his book is going to make him so somebody else is going to have to organise this year’s PB Party. I’m happy to do it if I can have some assistance. Apparently Book Value and Innocent Abroad helped out last year. Any volunteers this year?

I’ll put in £100 from the money I’m going to win on John Cruddas. I think Henry G offered to do likewise. Any other offers will be welcome.

Last year’s bash (see picture) was at the Star Tavern in Belgravia. Any reason why we can’t go back there? (We didn’t trash the place, did we?) And what day of the week do we want? I reckon it’s got to be a weekend so that Jack W can use his weekend pass but let me know what you think.

In fact, anybody and everybody who has a view can email me at

Let’s get to it.

Peter Smith (Peter the Punter)

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