New Mori poll just out – Tory lead up to 4%

New Mori poll just out – Tory lead up to 4%

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    Lib Dems up and UKIP don’t even register

So with the changes on December the main shares are CON 39 (+2): LAB 35 (-1): LD 19 (+1). Like all MORI polls the headline numbers are restricted to the views of those who are certain to vote.

As we have discussed here before Mori have a very different approach to ICM and Populus. The pollster does not seek to predict the General Election but rather give a barometer of what current opinion is based on their massive monthly face to face survey.

I had a productive working breakfast with senior members of the company last week. They have severe reservations about the past vote weighting. The critical thing is the trend – which parties are going up an down? I plan to write a more considered piece on Mori in the next week or so.

These are their leader satisfaction figures where the turnout filter is not applied and includes the views of those not certain to vote.

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Mike Smithson

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