Encouraging news about Jack W.

Encouraging news about Jack W.

medical-queerdoctor.gifRegular users of the site will know that one of PBC’s most prolific and knowledgeable contributors who has enriched our discussions for nearly two years, Jack W, has been ill. I am please to report that this message was posted this morning.

To all Political Betting friends of Jack W.

Dad has asked me to pass on his very grateful thanks for all the messages of support he has received over the past three weeks.

My father remains very poorly but stable. However Pop is clearly a little more himself as he was caught a couple of days back with laptop on bed surfing several Scottish and a certain British website with a large Italian input. 😆

Dad also wishes me to pass on his very warm wishes for 2007 to you all and he hopes to be back to his full self in the months to come.

Thank You.
by Kinkell January 5th, 2007

I am sure that we all wish him a speedy recovery and we look forward to him posting once again. The site has not been quite the same without him.

Mike Smithson

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