And now the winners of our competitions….

And now the winners of our competitions….

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    PBC’s first ever poster and David R get the prizes

The first person ever to post a comment on PBC, Tim Hill (AKA Big Tall Tim) and David R are the winners of our two outstanding competitions – on the US Mid Terms and the “2006 Prediction Contest“. Tim, whose first post from March 29th 2004 is reproduced above, is a close friend and is a former PPC and Councillor for the Lib Dems in Bedfordshire.

These were the top results:-
Big Tall Tim
peter the punter
Liberal Neil
Arb Seeker
Mark Senior

Tim won on the tie-breaker on Joe Lieberman’s performance. We done to everybody. A full list of how everybody did is available to download here – Mid-Terms Competition1.xls

The top entries in the “Predicting 2006 Contest” are:-
1 David R 533
2 Stephen Thomas 531
3 Max 525
4 Chris Took 523
5 Russell 522
6 Anatole 511
7 Norfolk Yokel 504
8 aschamberlain 502
9 Hagmark 486
10 Julian H 485

A full list of entries and scores is available to download here – 2006 competition1.xls

The winners get a copy of my book on politics and betting that is due to be published during 2007. Thanks to Paul Maggs who, yet again, has done a brilliant job managing the entries and producing the result spreadsheets.

Tomorrow I am going away for a few days and have prepared four articles linked to the 2007 Prediction Competition which will be posted on New Year’s Eve. The plan is that these will provoke discussion ahead of the entry thread next Sunday. Part 1 tomorrow is on the “Lib Dems in 2007.

  • Please note that the introductions for the rest of the week have been pre-written and I will not be producing any original material until next week.
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