Jack W – 8,091 contributions since March 2005

Jack W – 8,091 contributions since March 2005

    Best of luck from everyone associated with PBC

For the past twenty months the discussions on PBC have been enriched by the wit, knowledge, and good judgement of Jack W who posted first on March 25th 2005 and has made a staggering 8,091 separate contributions. We had this message from him yesterday.

Jack W says TTFN.

I regret to report that this is something of a valedictory post from moi, at least for now I hope.

Having seen off lifes returning officer a couple of times and safely been returned, it appears like a health by-election has been called and the yellow peril machine is in full cry !! 😆 With any luck I’ll repel the medical bar charts, but if the hospital food includes quiche I’m almost certainly done for. My enforced medical absence and r&r will certainly last several months and even many elections hence !! 🙁

Without wishing to sound too mawkish I’d like to thank you all on PB who have made my time here so enjoyable. Special gratitude go to Mike and family for all their splendid efforts.

To those who know the true identity behind Jack W and kept a little secret and those many friends on the site who have brightened up my time here with excellent political analysis and not a little humour, I say a hearty and heartfelt thank you.

A simple Scottish saying goes :

“Will ya no come back agin ?”

Faith willing aye and God bless you all.


Signing off …. Jack W. of this parish.

Our thoughts are with Jack and his family this holiday season and nothing would give us greater pleasure than to see that 8,092nd post.

Mike Smithson

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