Will Gordon be happy with Alan Johnson’s website?

Will Gordon be happy with Alan Johnson’s website?

    Is the Education Secretary planning a big double-cross?

With great fanfare yesterday Alan Johnson launched his campaign for Labour’s deputy leadership with solid statements of his support for Gordon Brown as leader and his belief that the Chancellor should get the job unopposed.

Johnson also launched his deputy campaign website and a rather different picture starts to emerge. For the materials on show do not look as though they are from a man who is content to be a number two. In fact the reverse seems to be the case.

Just check out some of the media comments and headlines that Johnson features prominently about himself.

“When the backstabbing finally stops, could Alan Johnson be the man who delivers the fatal blow to Brown?”

“Gordon Browns enemies are pinning their hopes on Alan Johnson.”

“Johnson is a perfect alternative to Brown”

Thanks to Paul Linford’s blog for this. Paul, who I rate as the best blogger for Labour matters, does not believe that Johnson has the leadership in mind. Maybe – I’m not convinced.

    You don’t allow something like this website to be launched without checking the content and the tone – particularly the links highlighted on the main pages.

Meanwhile a survey of Labour MPs in Daily Telegraph this morning suggests that there is a strong desire for a serious contest. But who? I am far from convinced that Johnson has what’s required. Maybe he is a nice guy but he is far from compelling when he makes speeches or does TV interviews. Labour will want somebody who can do better than that to take on the Tories and his lacklustre Manchester performance must surely rule him out.

The other possibility, John Reid, seems to arouse so much hostility from all sides. Unlike Johnson or Brown he is a compelling speaker and conducts convincing interviews. He is, however, unpopular.

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Mike Smithson

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