The US Election thread continued….

The US Election thread continued….

    Punters still give the House to the Dems with the GOP retaining the Senate

Punters have been piling onto the Democrats on Betfair’s election markets in the hope of picking up a small profit even though the best price is now moving to 0.04/1. That means that a successful £100 bet would produce profits of just £4.

In the Senate race it is a bit closer with the Republicans at 0.53/1 and the Democrats at 1.52/1.

It could still be a very close thing for the upper house but most pundits are still calling it for the GOP.

So far the elections seem to be moving with the early projections although there is a long way to go and it’s going to be a long night as polling stations are only just now closing across the country.

Just a reminder that the Democrats need to win net 15 seats to win control of House and to win net six seats to win control of Senate

Keep the comments coming and best of luck.

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