Anthony Wells lauches new Election Guide

Anthony Wells lauches new Election Guide

    See for yourself the efffects of the boundary changes

Anthony Wells, the person behind UK Polling Report, has this afternoon launched the latest version of his Election Guide – available online here. It’s a mine of information that we are sure to be looking at time and time again in the run up to the next General Election.

Anthony (pictured above at the PBC party earlier in the year talking to a shy Guido hiding behind his beer glass) has included all the new boundaries and there is a section, including the potential for a comments thread, on each parliamentary seat. I hope this does not generate into what happened with the Election 2005 site last year.

It is really a major piece of work and Anthony deserves our thanks for all the effort he has put into it. With the additional information that Anthony is including this looks set to be THE information resource for the next election.

Mike Smithson

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