The “Hug-a-Hoodie” follow-up competition

The “Hug-a-Hoodie” follow-up competition

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    ……and the part 1 winner is ROGER

Last Sunday we launched a small prize competition. People were asked to you use their imagination to guess what will be the next David Cameron policy move after “Hug a Hoodie”

There were two prizes on offer – copies of my book on politics and betting that’s just been commissioned and will be published during 2007.

  • The first will go to the most amusing and original answer.
  • The second will be decided after David Cameron’s Tory conference speech in the autumn and will go to the entrant that got closest.
  • There were well over 150 entries and after much deep consideration I have decided to award the prize in the first category to Roger.

    I very much liked his post 57 “All Public schools to become Faith Schools. Eton to become Jewish seminary. Known as Mazel-toffs”.

    But the one which amused me most and just had the right feel about it was post 65: “Gypsies to be the new environmental roll models. All towns and villages to provide parking space for travellers caravans free. Special dedicated parking space for Caravans in HOC car-park. All councils objecting to be fined heavily. Campaign to be known as “Let a Gyp kip””

    Congratulations Roger and your prize will be sent to you as soon as the book is published.

    Mike Smithson

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