Prize Competition: What will follow “Hug a Hoodie?”

Prize Competition: What will follow “Hug a Hoodie?”


    Can you predict David Cameron’s next amazing policy initiative?

There’s little doubt that “Hug a Hoodie”, like the earlier attack on WH Smith’s for selling Chocolate Oranges, have becoming defining themes for the new Tory leadership.

But what’s going to be next? Clearly it has to be something that is so distant from what you would expect to hear from a Tory leader that it will, at first, appear totally shocking.

    Can you use your imaginiation to guess what will be the next David Cameron policy move that will have a similar impact?

There are two prizes on offer – both copies of my book on politics and betting that’s just been commissioned and will be published during 2007.

  • The first will go to the most amusing and original answer.
  • The second will be decided after David Cameron’s Tory conference speech in the autumn and will go to the entrant that got closest.
  • I’ll choose the first winner this week and announce it next weekend.

    In my absolute discretion I will decide which are the winning entries. Only comments posted by 2359 on Tuesday July 25th will be considered. If two or more entrants have the same idea then the first one on the list will be the chosen. You can enter as many times as you wish.

    Please write your prediction in the comments thread below remembering to put a valid email address in the box which will not be published.

    Mike Smithson

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